The state-of-the-art infrastructure selected is both scalable and versatile, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. We bring to the world a whole new class of services and a unique approach to customer satisfaction.

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Design & Development

Complete solution of your product without any hurdle to perform in the market.

Marketing & Sales

We've different channels to boost the reach of your product and convert into sales.


No matters how much you want to increase your business, It's all on one click.

About Us

#1 Tele-Marketing Solution

Solutions come in different services, in order to meet the diverse needs of individual clients. SGN has a complete solution to providing a different service altogether.

Our existing and prospective clients can make significant savings by using our extensive range of call center, back-office, and facility management solutions. Our contact center offers businesses a full range of management services to drive sales growth, customer services, and back-office operations. In addition, we can provide a full IP network to enhance and expand company communications.

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Why Us

Why Choose Shibli Network?

➜ With your knowledge about the business and ours in business development and marketing we will be invincible.

➜ We will help you out of your comfort zone and you will see extraordinary results.

➜ Without a doubt the step you are going to take will mark a before and after in your business model.

➜ Union is the strength and your success will be our success.


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Our Services

What Solutions SGN Provide

Outbound Call Center

Make outbound calls to customer on the behalf of your business to find out your valuable clients.

Inbound Call Center

Provide platform & agents for receiving incoming customer calls as a support purpose and sales call during Ads campaign.


Provide #1 solution of Direct Marketing of goods and services to your potential customers.

Business & Sales Development

Our experts are available for you, whether you need a BDR (Business Development Representative) or SDR (Sales Development Representative) for your company.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

No matters you need a SEO or Social Media Ads Campaign. We guaranty 20% return on Ads Campaign.

Email Marketing

Are you worried about email marketing direct inbox without spam up-to 50k or 50M+? We are here!.

SMS/MMS Marketing

Going to launch your product in the market? You need a brand awareness campaign.

Sales funnel Automations and Workflows Solutions

If you don't have a good sales funnel and workflows, Most probably your business is in risk. Our marketing experts get you out from risk.

To corporations of any size across the globe.

No matter the size of your business and clients. We provide best development, sales and automation services for all corporations of any size across the globe.

Web Design & Development

Do you have an idea of product or plan for market? Our AI experts in the field of development complete with zero errors & introduce in front of the world.

Tech Support

Worried about technical things to explain the customers? Our best technical experts understand your business & clients and provide 24/7 tech support.

Customer Support

Your customers are increasing incredibly. Our agents provide best solution and support to your existing & new customers during Ad Campaigns.

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