Inbound Marketing Definition:

A call centre that handles incoming calls, chat support, customer support, email marketing is known as an inbound call centre. When a consumer contacts the call centre, the call centre responds and addresses the customer's concerns. In the vast majority of instances, this is basic customer service. The inbound definition covers areas like Social media marketing, Email marketing, Lead nurturing and inbound sales, Marketing strategic planning, etc.

Standard Inbound marketing services include customer support such as a service desk. At this first level of support, clients can report problems, place orders, etc.

What Is the Purpose of an Inbound Marketing Agency?

Customer requirements are constantly evolving. Customers want impeccably clear communication, prompt responses, and even quicker outcomes.

This, however, is not really possible for many businesses. Inbound call centres provide online lead generation business and digital marketing. It helps you gain time to focus on your main business while they provide deviant customer service.

With the help of a competent Inbound marketing company, you can optimize customer satisfaction. Using Inbound strategies you can avoid revenue loss due to dissatisfied customers.

SGN Inbound Call Center and Marketing Agency


If you decide to use an external Inbound call centre and lead generation company, you should proceed cautiously. The services should be dependable and of a great standard. Keep track of the provider's strength in particular industries, inbound sales process, and expected prices.

What Options you can have in Inbound Outsourcing?

In a call centre, you do not always require your "personal workforce." In the inbound section, you'll find a variety of patterns that you can mix and match.

• Joint Team:

A collaborative workforce can be advantageous for projects having a low intensity or difficult and challenging questions. In this situation, the call centre agents will answer both your customer questions and those of other customers. Thus, they "split" customer support with other businesses.

• A Devoted Team:

A devoted team works exclusively for your business. In comparison to the joint team, you must pay for on-call time in this. A specialized crew can make more sense for big and also well-planned call volumes.

Bring Joint and Devoted Teams Together

Shared teams have a number of advantages, including the removal of on-call time because agents are simply waiting for calls. This can result in significant financial savings. Additionally, you may simply mix the two models.

SGN Inbound Call Center and Marketing Agency Partnership

For instance, You can select a team to work during your main working hours and another to work during your night shift. This is particularly advantageous for international businesses which provide customer service to the customer in multiple time zones.

Shibli Global Network can assist you with a joint and as well as a devoted team. we can provide Inbound services, lead generation, receiving your customer phone calls.

Which Pricing Models Are Available?

Inbound call centres bill their customers in a variety of ways. The most frequently used method is billing by the hours, minutes, transaction, or agents. A monthly flat charge is also an option.

How Does Inbound Outsourcing is Conceived and Executed?

Inbound services are always implemented in close collaboration with the customer. Customer and supplier collaborate to identify the proper call centre agents.

Meanwhile, team leaders and agents are being trained. The ordering, fulfilment, and customer management are integrated. This structure can be reconstructed if necessary. A competent Inbound call centre is always cautious about regulations and procedures. Reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) is also beneficial for determining success.

Why Choose Shibli Global Network?

SGN Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services primarily focus on maximizing business and profits for our customers. Our Inbound call centre services are based on product and industry knowledg. We have managed to gather customer experience that we own in this contact centre. Our experience in inbound call handling enables us to meet the requirements of our call centre customers. SGN provides solutions and services that help you meet your business objectives.

Shibli Global Network is fully equipped to meet your company's inbound marketing service requirements and providing you with potential customers. Several companies have transferred their internal teams here as external partners in order to exploit our years of work experience. Shibli Global Network ensures customer happiness, increased retention levels for potential returns, and greater sales from inbound delivery – through website monitoring.

More services include live chat and a help desk that help clients to communicate with you in the easiest way. Additionally, Shibli Global Network can provide a click-to-call solution, allowing customers to easily contact your organisation.

Shibli Global Network now supports the following sorts of programs:

• Commercial to Commercial (B2B)

• Consumer to Business (B2C)

• Taking orders

• Customer support

• Issues with billing

• Technical help at the highest levels

• Lead Gen

• Email marketing

• Establishment of appointments

• Management of inquiries

We are professionals at developing a strategic approach to guarantee that your calls are managed effectively. We operate as an extension of your staff. Your clients and prospects will have no idea they are communicating with a call centre agent. Transferring your incoming calls to our expert agents you can convert each interaction into a sale.

Our effective inbound marketing services program is comprised of five components.

1. Training in sales

2. Product education

3. Suitable compensation structure with appropriate incentives connected to sales performance

4. A graphical scoreboard

5. Reward and acknowledgement

SGN also provide inbound call centre jobs for people who are committed to doing extraordinary tasks. Before being assigned to handle inbound and outbound sales, new agents undergoes a training program. Sales training teaches participants how to assess a customer's needs and how to counter objections. It teaches how to create expectations for the next measures (purchase, implementations, etc).

The best way to perform product training is to layer the material into consumable chunks. It also ensures that the inbound marketing representative has achieved full mastery.

The best method is by applying the 80/20 rule. Which items or services account for 80% of your company's revenue? Which items or services account for 80% of inbound marketing call centre revenue? Begin by establishing a core of training that covers the essentials and gradually expands to include other goods or services.

To set a strong sales culture, we offer rewards sales achievement with monthly bonus. Moreover, if your plan to grab sales is well managed, at least 50% of your team should meet or exceed expectations. The remaining 50% should represent at least 75% of the goal. They should provide a strategy for reaching the target within the next month.

A graphic scoreboard assists in ensuring that everyone understands whether the team is going to win or lose. The scoreboard displays the sales goal and the amount of sales income required every day. Maintain a simple scoreboard so that it is always evident when a team is winning.

Rewards and recognition serve as a catalyst for the team to achieve at a higher level. Everybody wants to be in the winning team so, everybody needs to know that their actions matter. Recognizing and rewarding team members demonstrate your appreciation for their individual and collective performance.

Inbound Call Center and Marketing Agency

Numerous firms lack the time, finances, and expertise necessary to execute an efficient Inbound Customer Service programme. Years of experience are required to master an effective inbound marketing services campaign. Consider outsourcing your company's inbound marketing services as an effective solution.

Numerous firms lack the time, finances, and expertise necessary to execute an efficient Inbound Customer Service programme. Years of experience are required to master an effective inbound marketing services campaign. Consider outsourcing your company's inbound marketing services as an effective solution.

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